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Texas State Agencies

Public Communications

Over the years we've collaborated with multiple State Agencies to create awareness and deliver their message to the people of Texas.

01. Texas Department of Transportation - "Talk Text Crash"

Jensen Ackles helps TxDOT spread the word on why it’s important to avoid getting distracted by texting while driving. Keep your eyes on the road!

02. TX Ready

This TV spot for TX Ready reminds us that it’s always better to be prepared for natural disasters. Be informed, make a plan and build a kit!

03. Texas Department of State Health Services - Healthy Texas Women

Bilingual TV spot for Healthy Texas Women. Take control of your health, just like you take control of your life.

04. The Texas Secretary of State -

Short bilingual TV spots for resources for voter information. “From finding out when to vote to what's on the ballot, is your one-stop resource for voting information.”

05. Texas Agriculture -

"Go Texan"

TV spot to encourage kids to eat healthy - and texan.

05. Texas Agriculture -

"Wash Your Produce"

Bilingual videos on the importance and benefits of washing your produce before eating.

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